Giving voice to a
silent catastrophe.

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the challenge

There are 700,000 hungry people in Tampa Bay — a fact unfortunately invisible to most. Feeding America Tampa Bay needed to raise awareness about this issue, educate the public and compel them to take action.

the strategy

The magnitude of Tampa’s hunger problem was undoubtedly huge. Too huge. The only way to make an impact was to make it personal. To get to the heart of it. To put the spotlight on those affected.

the tactics

We spread Tampa’s untold story of hunger through campaigns, videos, ads, donation collateral, promotional truck wraps and a PSA featuring Tampa Bay Rays Manager Joe Maddon.

“every day” video
FATB Website
FATB Website
joe maddon psa
FATB Poster
FATB Print Ad
print ad
Hungry does not equal homeless
FATB Outdoor Board
Hunger In Focus
“hunger in focus” online campaign – view tumblr page

the results

Feeding America Tampa Bay experienced its most successful Q4 in 2013 and continued its momentum in 2014. They’ve also noticed a boost in individual donations, signifying a rise in public awareness.

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