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A Life of Inspirational Leadership

Deanne Roberts

ChappellRoberts was built on the strongest of foundations. The values and core beliefs by which Deanne Roberts lived her life are inextricably linked to this agency. Her influence and example can be felt in every aspect of our business – how we treat our clients, the work we produce, the way we feel about our industry, our engagement in the community, and even who we hire. Thankfully, Deanne's principles have become part of our agency DNA.

In reflecting on her career, those of us fortunate enough to have worked with Deanne realize how much other people also wanted to work with her, hear from her, and learn from her. That's why we've created a resource to share some of Deanne's knowledge, passion, insights and experiences.

Take a look around—on these pages you'll find words of wisdom, see leadership in action, and understand what it means to build a business and career based on honesty, integrity, and sheer tenacity. We hope you'll be inspired by Deanne's legacy to make a bigger commitment to your own business, your community and your passion.