The Perfect Super Bowl Ad

Is there a perfect recipe for making a rock star Super Bowl ad? Not that we know of, but we’re sure those spending $5 million wish there was. Here’s what we do know – spots with authenticity and a clear brand connection usually win the brand bowl. Whether it’s a clever use of humor or a bit of nostalgia, it’s emotion that advertisers are after.

Since we love our Super Bowl social blitz, we invited our agency team members to pin some of their top spots of all time.

A few agency favorites:

Always, #LikeAGirl, 2015 – It champions girls, break stereotypes and was groundbreaking to place this message on this stage. The results tell the impact – 85 million views from 150+ countries.

Newcastle, Band of Brands, 2015 – This teaser featuring Aubrey Plaza was right on brand and created buzz early in the game. Newcastle never disappoints with digital buzz and social reach.

Monster’s, When I grow up, 1999 – It’s funny, on strategy and timeless. It could run in this Super Bowl, still be relevant and would likely be the best of the lot.

#EsuranceSave30, 2014 – okay, this didn’t technically run during the game, but it was a top pick for creativity, brand message and strategy – they did save a TON of money.

Budweiser, Wassssup, 2006 – We love our Clydesdales, but nothing says classic like the invention of a national fad. Try reading the name of this spot and not smile – try it. No seriously. We dare you.

Google, Parisian Love, 2010 – With no voiceover and a few ambient sounds, they successfully tell a beautiful story, clearly showcase the capabilities of their product, and make a $395 billion international corporation seem human.

Check out the complete list here.

What are your top spots? Post here or tweet us using #CRSuperBowl. Follow us @ChappellRoberts for more Super Bowl #AdBowl play-by-play and commentary.


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